Terms and Conditions: The skill persons mentioned in First Page agreed to give service through online by obeying following conditions through Skilltry through abiding Bangladesh labor act.

1. Skilltry does not give daily working confirmation, it only depends on demand of any person or firms.
2. Any person or firm may phone to you for work on emergency necessity, then Skilltry will not be liable for disturbing your sleep or any other work.
3. You will complete discussion about work in gentle and courtesy when client will phone to you.
4. Skilltry will not take liability if you do work for any other client except out client and be cheated to him.
5. The workers will transact with client without Skilltry, then Skilltry will not take any liability for occurring any objectionable occurrence.
6. Skilltry will care take labour of the persons who will transact labour through Skilltry and will also give legal assistance for any problem in working place, but you will have to be innocent.
7. Workers leave unsafe working place, work will have to be started after confirming security, each worker will work by using others necessary safety components including safety shoes, helmet, goggles, mask, hand gloves, ear maf and year pag, waist belt, apron etc and Skilltry will not be liable for occurring accident for doing work without safety.
8. You may have punished for accruing any damage of client by you.
9. You will have to be taken training if not become excellent in skill mentioned in First Page of form otherwise your account will be non-effect within 3(three) months and if any client bring charge that you are unskilled then your account will be given ineffective on the basis of prove.
10. You will have to be refrain from the work which is upper to your physical skill, you will have to be beard liability whether you become victim for accident for your physical trouble and unskilled.
11. You will have to be refrained from the work, for work doctor prohibited you to do.
12. Who will do risky work regularly their insurance is compulsory.
13. You will be refrained from unnecessary phone talking and smoking and betel leaf –jorda, did not keep addicted person in Skilltry.
14. It is punishable crime to done work by a teenage of age less than 18(eighteen) years. But any child or teenage of a person not have Birth Certificate or School Certificate and be necessary of Ability Certificate, then any registered physician will give certificate of age and ability as per Form- 15 and description of above examination will have be kept in register to physician and owner as per Form-15(a).
15. If any proprietor, contractor or Managing Authority give work to labor or employees in wage less then declared then labor or employee is allowed to demand additional compensation at the rate 50% of due wage.
16. Pressure can’t be to client for collecting additional wage and wage may be increase or decrease as per work. No political effect can’t be effective.
17. Website work may be stopped for technical cause, then pressure can’t be created to Skilltry.
18. Client may take legal action whether engage with any purposive or unpleasant or unsocial work, Skilltry will not take it is liability. 19. Skilltry keep right to give all information of worker to any law applying organization as per law. 20. Harassment can’t be done to any client, will say no if not able be able to work, otherwise you will be fined.
21. Whether arise necessity of explanation of above conditions mentioned in above agreement then explanation given by Skilltry will be considered as final. 22. Identifying characteristics of each- such thumbprint, body marking characteristics will have to be given.
23. Skilltry will identify you with all world clients, you are not worker of Skilltry directly, but if Skilltry wants may give appointment on the basis of your skill.
24. The responsibilities mentioned in this agreement clearly other responsibilities except those will not fall on Skilltry.
25. Skilltry reserves right to change Mobile Number, address, code number, web address ect for technical cause, for same cause Skilltry reserves right to stop or postponed any service but will try to solve above service within short time.
26. Rule, section, instruction and clauses and next amendments of above act of Bangladesh Labor Act 2015 in the case of all labor related matters including crime, fault, trial, punishment etc. will be applicable and compulsory to all employees/ client.